Pensacola Airport Shuttle

What are the Airport Shuttle Options In Pensacola

Pensacola Airport Shuttle

Taxi Service

A  taxi service can be utilized at the Pensacola airport by grabbing a cab that is in the taxi queue, across the street from the baggage claim area.  The cost of a taxi is determined by the meter reading at the end of the trip. Distance and time are factored in. The taxi meter is regulated by the city and is fixed and will never vary from taxi to taxi. The current rate for distance is $2. 35 per mile.  Time is factored in at 30 cents per minute, when the taxi speed is less than 25 miles per hour.  Not all taxi services will take a credit card, so you will have to check with each individual taxi company before getting in a taxi.

Limo Service

Limo Service is available at the Pensacola Airport.  Limos are not onsite at the Pensacola Airport, but have to be arranged in advance.  Since Limo Service is not regulated, limo service rates will vary from company to company. There are about a dozen limo services in the Pensacola Area.

Airport Shuttle service

Airport Shuttle service is available at the Pensacola Airport.  Shuttle services do have to be arranged in advance, as like limo service, they cannot be stationed onsite at the airport without a pre-arranged transaction. Some shuttles will require a pre-pay, whereas some do not.  Either way, you will always be given a fixed rate.  This is obviously good for the customer, as if the shuttle gets into slow traffic, he absorbs the cost

Why Utilize a Pensacola Airport Shuttle Service

airport shuttle service

Most people use a Pensacola Airport Shuttle for a few reasons:


Since airport shuttle service must be scheduled in advance, you simply will have to walk out of the airport and enter the shuttle vehicle.  Since most shuttle services require payment in advance, you will not have to  worry about arranging payment

Bargain Rates

You will almost always receive a better rate using a shuttle service rather than any of the other methods – taxi or limo.

Higher Quality Service

A shuttle service is designed to be an upgrade over a taxi, with a better value overall.  An airport shuttle will almost always have a newer and better quality vehicle.  After all, the shuttle company business depends highly on repeat business, whereas the taxi service does not.

The Pensacola Airport


The Pensacola International Airport is considered a small airport.  With that said, you rarely have to worry about long delays and long lines, unless of course their are computer problems with your airline. Most people that fly into the Pensacola Airport report that they have a good experience with the airport.



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