What Airport Shuttle Options Are Available?

As a frequent air traveler and with all the expenses associated with it, at some point you come to the conclusion that you need to take a good look at the costs involved to fly, as are doing it over and over. One thing to think about is whether to drop your auto at the
airport or have an airport shuttle bring you to and from the airport.

If by chance you decide to explore parking options for your automobile, you will discover that utilizing theairport parking facilities is not the only choice. To the contrary, it’s most likely going to be the more costly way to go. You should be able to find private parking places around the airport that will charge less than the airport.

You will discover this is especially the case around the busier airports. When you drop your auto at a specific area for airport parking in the area, some businesses have indoor parking and some places have outdoor options. With that said the prices differ so it is good to check and compare and decide for yourself what works best for your budget.

You can also decide on whether or not you want to use the economy parking at the airport. For instance, albany airport has an inexpensive economy parking lot. In certain areas you want to check the lighting in the parking lots, how often the shuttle runs and if you get assistance with luggage or not.

One thing to think about is the fact that many rental car or even auto repair companies will arrange this for you when required. Be sure to inquire if there are discounted rates for extended parking (more than a week).

Since I have done some checking and am aware of what my available options are, I don’t
have to be thinking about that akward feeling associated with burdening a friend or relative early in the day to take me to the airport.

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